Stanley Museum Quarterlies (10)


Regularly $50 contains: June 97, September 97, December 97, March 98, September 98, December 98, March 99, September 99, December 99, June 00


June 97: Jim Crank: The Last Lion of Steam by John R. White, Sliding D-Valves vs. Piston Valves by Mark Ryness, A Tenderfoot’s First Summer in the Rockies by Mrs. FO, Traffics & Discoveries, Part 2 by Rudyard Kipling, Fact & Fable from Archives
September 97: Outcasts and Outlaws Join the Elite by John R. White, Monterey Steam Car Tour, The Steam Car in America by James D. Crank, Paul Russell and Company, Road Testing Your Newly Restored Stanley by Charlie Johnson, Pebble Beach: The year of the Steam Car, Dead Horse Hill: Steamer in Flashback
December 97: Gist Mill History, The Victor/Overman/Bullard Connection by G. Scott Jamieson, Concrete Water Tower at Squirrel Island by John L. Danforth, The Johantgens in Estes Part by Gary Breylinger, Packing the Stanley Steam Engine by C. Frank Hix, Our Steam car by Joan Stone
March 98: Stanley Power Plant Courtesy Frank Hix, Locomobile Story & Addenda by Dick Gasparotti, Anglo-American Vintage Car Rally, 1954 Courtesy Mike Clark, Tom Rolt, Door Pocket Tools Holder by Pat Farrell, Burning in the Mixing Tube by Frank Hix
September 98: In Memoriam: Cheryl Winter Carbajal, Alex Ritchie, Carl S. Amsley, Boston Globe Article by John R. White, Preparations for 1999, UK tour in 1977 in a 740 by Peter D/ Stevenson, Water-cooling your brakes by Brent Campbell, Addressing the replica issue by Brent Campbell and Jim Crank
December 98: F.O. Stanley history of Estes Park by John R. White, Queen of the Hill by Jane Ramsey, Book Reviews on Singing the City (Laurie Graham), Charleston Renaissance (Martha R. Severens), facing the Frontier (Betty Freudenburg), Letter to F.O. from Chansonetta
March 99: To go or not to go- The Summit Beckons by Brent Campbell, A word of warning to Stanley owners by Jim Crank, Rear axle tech tips by Elizabeth Flint Wade, Coloring Lantern Slides by Elizabeth Flint Wade, Chansonetta’s Lantern Slides, Steam Power by Robert Wagner, The Automobile: 200 years old by Dean Lehrke, Letting off Steam by Dave Selby, Steam Wagons built in the U.S.A by Maurice A. Kelly, Worlds Collide by Robert D. Sutherland
September 99: A Special Edition Scrapbook
December 99: New England Steam Car Registrations, “Good Roads, Good Grief”, Stanley Hotel Brochure Reprint, F.E. Stanley, Portrait Artist, Steam Talk: 3-Tube Boiler water level indicator, (Very) Early Locomobile Ad
June 00: Building and Operating a Baker Boiler in 1917 Stanley by Ed Erler, Repair of the Original Burner for a 1903, Grout Steamer courtesy Frank Cooke, Mr. Stanley of Estes Park, World’s Cleanest Combustion Engine Unveiled

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